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If you’re looking for a timber frame, heavy timber, post and beam, or similar structure, you’ve come to the right place! We have designed many homes, wedding barns, livestock and utility barns, barn-style residences, and pavilions all over the eastern U.S. in the states where we are licensed.

When you hire us before you retain a timber frame contractor, you will enjoy the economic benefit of putting your project out for bid to multiple firms. You could get preliminary prices from a timber frame company/s, but their prices will always be “subject to revision based on final engineering design.” If you do the project through a timber frame company that you know and trust, that’s fine; they still have to take your project through the engineering design process and add that cost to the contract. We provide engineering services directly to timber frame companies for that purpose.

Either way, you will pay for the engineering—directly to us or indirectly through a timber frame contractor.

If you work directly with us, the design process will flow in “Phases.”


After your initial inquiry, you will work with a very talented designer, Dan Kiser, with Sojourn Designs, out of the Boone, NC area. Based on your preliminary design, photos, sketches, preferred timber grade and species, etc., Dan will create a 3-D model of your project. You and Dan will work together until you are satisfied with the design. During that phase, I will be available to answer any engineering related questions either of you may have.


I will review the design and verify all timber sizes. During that process, I will let you and Dan know if there are any timbers that need to be increased in size. If you want to optimize the sizes, I can do that too. However, my experience with timber engineering is that aesthetic considerations usually dictate the sizes; when timbers ‘look’ about the right size, they are close to the required size. I will review the design for any special, highstrength connection requirements. Often, plates and bolts, or other ‘mechanical’ connections will be required. We will ask if you want exposed plates or concealed connections—whichever you prefer.


Phase 2 revisions will be incorporated into the design. Connection details and specification will be added during this phase. After a final engineering review, you will receive signed and sealed plans suitable for obtaining a building permit for the heavy timber structure.


  1. Unless you are a skilled timber framer, or know an experienced timber framer you’d like to work with, we can assist with sending the plans out for bids from at least three specialty timber frame fabricators and installers. These will all be firms we have worked with and have a proven track record of producing excellent timber framed structures.
  2. If you or the timber frame contractor need shop drawings of each unique piece of timber, Dan will provide those drawings directly to you or your timber framer.
  3. We are always available during construction to answer questions. Design modifications will be provided on an hourly rate basis.
  4. Dan can also provide additional drawings including interior plans, exterior elevations, etc.

We prefer you work with a local engineer for the foundation design since those requirements are different for each site. Engineers in your area will be more familiar with the type of foundation that works best and can help evaluate the site for soil capacity, drainage, grading and driveway design.


The cost of preparing drawings depends on the size of the project. Once we receive your preliminary plans, we can give you a “Guaranteed Maximum Cost.” You will be asked for a retainer that will be held in escrow and applied to the final invoice. You will be invoiced at the end of each month and payments are due upon receipt.

Please contact us for a specialty heavy timber frame and truss engineering proposal for your next project. If it is out of our area of registration, or if we feel the project is not a ‘right fit’ for us, we’ll help you find another qualified engineer. You can also find timber frame engineers through the Timber Frame Guild. Go to their website: Select “Find an Engineer.” Select the state where your project is located, and you will find a list of qualified engineers. NOTE: Most structural engineers are well qualified to design in concrete, steel and conventional ‘”stick” framing, but the design of heavy timber systems requires special training and education.

For a proposal, please send: pdf files of any plans, sketches, or photos; the 911 address; and, the preferred grade and species of timber.

Thanks for considering our services. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

David R. Hourdequin, Owner, D. Remy & Co., 828-421-6216 or

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